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June 2019 Archives

Florida grandmother charged with drug-related offenses

People in desperate situations often feel as if they have no control over their lives. In some instances, that may be the case, especially for individuals with addiction issues. Often, the substance becomes the controlling factor in their lives, and as a result, individuals may make decisions that result in their facing charges for drug-related offenses.

Bond set for woman accused of vehicular homicide

Certain events in life can haunt people for years. They may have made one questionable decision that had substantial impacts, and as a result, they could have to find ways to deal with the repercussions of their actions. In particular, a person could face vehicular homicide charges if a DUI crash led to fatalities.

Apparent road rage leads to manslaughter charge for Florida man

When a person's actions are suspected to have led to the death of another person, it is common for criminal charges to result. In some instances, manslaughter allegations may seem appropriate depending on the exact details of the incident. Though this allegation may seem less serious than murder charges, it is still a severe accusation to face.

Family plans to sue, claim excessive force by resource officer

Many people have concerns about interactions with police officers. They may feel apprehensive because they fear getting into trouble, even if they do not think they have done anything wrong. Of course, others may have fears that they will be harmed by police officers due to the use of excessive force when making an arrest or otherwise addressing a situation.

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