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Homicide is perhaps one of the most serious and complex charges anyone can face in the realm of criminal defense. That's because even though you are considered innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, society often sees the opposite. Even an accusation of being involved in a homicide can be devastating, causing irrefutable damage to an individual's reputation in the process.

At Thomas G. Fallis, P.A., we fully understand the seriousness of the charges against you, and we are able to advocate on your behalf. Our experienced defense attorneys know every facet of criminal law, and the strategies necessary to get charges reduced, dropped or dismissed. We fight for our clients and we're ready to fight for you.

Homicide: Murder And Manslaughter Explained

The terms "murder" and "manslaughter" are used interchangeably by most people, but in reality, they are actually two different violent crimes under the heading of homicide. Manslaughter refers to the unlawful killing of a person without malice, while murder refers to the unlawful killing of a person with malice.

If you are accused of manslaughter, the charges against you can fall under one of the following three categories:

  • Involuntary manslaughter: This charge typically applies in situations where the death of a person was directly related to another person's culpable negligence.
  • Voluntary manslaughter: A person may be accused of voluntary manslaughter if their actions were driven by passion or strong emotions.
  • DUI manslaughter: This type of charge arises in drunk driving cases after an intoxicated driver intentionally or unintentionally causes the death of another.

While Florida law does consider manslaughter to be a second-degree felony, the charges against you can escalate to a first-degree felony if a weapon or firearm was used to commit the crime.

In the case of murder charges, there are two levels:

  • First-degree murder: The most serious degree of murder under state law. A charge may be classified in one of three ways: Premeditated murder, felony murder and murder perpetrated by the distribution of a controlled substance
  • Second-degree murder: Murders that lack the premeditation of first-degree murders but the accused still acted without regard for human life are classified as second-degree murders.

Considered the most severe, murder charges carry steep consequences in Florida. For a second-degree murder conviction, life in prison is a possibility. First-degree murder, on the other hand, carries the death penalty or life without parole.

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If you're facing homicide charges, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel right away. Prosecutors generally take an aggressive approach in these types of cases, giving you little time to think about how to defend your rights without knowledgeable counsel on your side.

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A murder investigation can cause considerable damage to your relationships, life and reputation. Taking action immediately can ensure your rights are protected and your right to due process is being honored.

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