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Vasalinda - Part 1
FLORIDA STATE PRISON -- Inmate Frank Valdez was found dead in his cell held in the X-Wing of Florida State Prison. The actions of the correction officers involved are being called into question.
Vasalinda - Part 2
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Defense Attorney Tom Fallis discusses his concerns about the prison conditions and the treatment of inmates on the Vasalinda Report.
Vasalinda - Part 3
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Attorney Tom Fallis explains the difficulties in litigating these inmate cases and the importance of taking the case out of the district due to the jury pool.
Clifton Verdict - Part 1
BARTOW, FL -- The jury found the defendant,15-year-old Josh Phillips, guilty of first degree murder for the death of 8 year-old Maddie Clifton. The defendant will try to appeal the decision.
Clifton Verdict - Part 2

BARTOW, FL -- Members of the community are interviewed about the guilty verdict given to Josh Phillips.
Clifton Verdict - Part 3
BARTOW, FL -- The defense’s case is criticized because the attorney did not call any witnesses. The jury came back with a guilty verdict in only 2 hours.
48 Hours - Part 1
JACKSONVILLE, FL. -- A former Navy man, Adiran Crump, is being charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing 15-year-old Danny Adams after waking up to the sound of something breaking his window in the middle of the night.
48 Hours - Part 2
JACKSONVILLE, FL. -- The trial process begins for the manslaughter case against Adrian Crump. The lawyers discuss their plans for trial,as well as picking the jury to make this difficult decision.
48 Hours - Part 3
JACKSONVILLE, FL. -- The trial begins 9 months after Adrian Crump shot and killed Danny Adams. The prosecution and defense present their cases to the jury. The friends of Danny Adams were called as witnesses and testified for the prosecution.
48 Hours - Part 4
JACKSONVILLE, FL. -- The trial comes to an end and the jury reaches a verdict in the case against Adrian Crump.
Montel - Part 1
DID MY TEEN DO THE UNTHINKABLE? -- Brenton Butler was accused of shooting Mary Ann Stevens at close range and stealing her purse. Her husband, James Stevens, claimed that he saw Brenton shoot Mary Ann.
Montel - Part 2
DID MY TEEN DO THE UNTHINKABLE? -- Criminal defense and civil rights attorney Tom Fallis represented Brenton Butler in this case. He says that Brenton should have never been prosecuted in the first place.
Face Off - Part 1
FIRST COAST NEWS -- Is it possible for a defendant to get a fair trial when details are being released to the public through media outlets? Attorney Tom Fallis gives his opinions on the subject.
Face Off - Part 2
FIRST COAST NEWS -- Attorneys sit down to discuss the topic of media in the courtroom. Can the right of free press affect the right of the defendant to have a fair trial?