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Traffic stop for expired tag leads to DUI charge

Dealing with a traffic stop can be a difficult experience for some people. They may think they have done nothing wrong and that officers have stopped them unjustly. Unfortunately, their ordeals can become much worse if officers believe that they have consumed alcohol before driving, and DUI charges could result.

DUI accident leads to manslaughter charge

For some people, the possible consequences of certain actions may not cross their minds. In other cases, there may be too many possible outcomes to count. Unfortunately, if someone decides to drink and drive, it is possible that he or she could face DUI charges and other serious allegations if injuries or fatalities result.

DUI manslaughter charge stems from accident after cyclist's death

Accusations of driving under the influence can come in varying forms. If a person is accused of a first-time DUI offense, he or she may have a less severe situation than someone who is accused of vehicular manslaughter associated with a drunk driving accident. In the latter scenario, a person could be at risk of facing significant repercussions in the event of a conviction.

Bond set for woman accused of vehicular homicide

Certain events in life can haunt people for years. They may have made one questionable decision that had substantial impacts, and as a result, they could have to find ways to deal with the repercussions of their actions. In particular, a person could face vehicular homicide charges if a DUI crash led to fatalities.

Man hits police car with lawnmower, faces drunk driving charge

Criminal charges can result from a variety of situations, including those that seem a bit ridiculous. Of course, ridiculous-seeming or not, if an event warrants criminal allegations, it becomes one that should be taken seriously. For instance, if a person is charged for drunk driving on a lawnmower, he or she may find it useful to prepare for the pending legal proceedings.

DUI charges brought against man driving golf cart

It may surprise some individuals to learn that even if they are not driving a car, pickup truck, SUV or similar vehicle, they can still face charges for drunk driving. Authorities may become alerted to someone driving another type of motor vehicle that is causing concern to other individuals. If so, charges for DUI could result.

Defense vital after crash leads to vehicular homicide charge

As most people know, it is difficult to address criminal charges. There are a number of steps that need to take place in a particular order, and for someone accused of a crime, it can seem as if the ordeal is never-ending. Allegations of drunk driving that also involve charges of vehicular homicide can be particularly challenging to handle.

Firefighter faces DUI charge after multi-car accident

Crashes commonly result when individuals get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Another common result of such incidents is for the drivers considered at fault to face criminal charges for DUI. Depending on the outcomes and severity of such accidents, the exact criminal allegations may vary, and accused parties may benefit from fully understanding their cases.

DUI charges result from Florida accident

In most situations, the outcomes can depend on how the individuals involved choose to handle their predicaments. When a person faces charges for DUI, it is important that he or she understands that there are multiple ways in which the case could be addressed. Finding the best option for the particular circumstances could make a considerable difference in a person's case.

DUI manslaughter charge results from Florida accident

No one wants to find him or herself involved in a car accident. Additionally, no one wants to end up in a crash and also have charges for DUI brought against him or her. However, this type of scenario is not uncommon, and if a fatality also results, more serious charges, like vehicular manslaughter, could be filed.

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