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2 Florida teens facing juvenile charges for "hit list"

It is not unusual for young people to make poor decisions. When those decisions involve making threats of harm against others, they could quickly find themselves facing serious criminal accusations, even as minors. Juvenile charges can have significant repercussions for young people, and meaningful defenses are typically needed.

Long-term consequences may stem from shooting that paralyzed man

At young ages, individuals do not always make the wisest decisions. Unfortunately, not all of the mistakes that they make due to poor judgment have only minor repercussions. In fact, serious actions could lead to long-term consequences that involve criminal charges.

Juvenile's alleged shooting threats may have a lasting impact

Due to the alarming number of shootings that have taken place across the country in recent years, many people are understandably cautious when they catch wind of a possible threat. Even if the threat comes from a juvenile, it must be taken seriously, especially if it occurs at a school. As a result, an arrest could take place, and the situation could have a lasting impact on the child.

Teen needs criminal defense after facing firearm charges

Teenagers and other juveniles do not always make the best choices. They may think they can get away with doing something they should not do, or they may think that what they are doing is not harmful. However, if a juvenile breaks the law, he or she could still face charges and need a criminal defense.

Alleged murder plot could have lasting impact on 2 Florida girls

Young children can often make decisions that leave them facing serious consequences. In some instances, kids may carry out actions or plan to carry out actions that result in their having criminal charges brought against them. Depending on the type of crime allegedly involved, their decisions could have a lasting impact.

Long-term consequences possible after mass shooting "joke"

It is not unusual for kids to make inappropriate jokes. They may think they are simply being funny when they are actually putting others at risk or presenting a cause for alarm. In some cases, a joke can go too far, and a juvenile could end up facing charges and possible long-term consequences for his or her actions.

Juvenile crimes: Robbery charges leveled against 2 Florida teens

Young people do not always clearly think through the potential consequences of their actions. Sometimes, they carry out actions that are against the law and put their future in jeopardy as they end up facing charges for juvenile crimes. Still, even at a young age, accused parties have the right to defend against any allegations made against them.

Juvenile crimes: 3 teens charged after Florida robbery

Most people know that kids do not always make the best decisions. However, some of those decisions could land them in serious legal trouble. Juvenile crimes are no laughing matter, and if minors are accused of serious charges, their futures could be at risk of facing immensely negative impacts.

12-year-old boy likely needs criminal defense after arrest

It is not unusual for children to make foolish decisions. In most cases, those choices are relatively harmless in the long run, but in other instances, they could choose to carry out illegal acts. Though they are children, young individuals can still find themselves in need of a criminal defense if authorities charge them with crimes.

Teen may face long-term consequences after weapon-related arrest

Many people may want to give kids a pass when they make mistakes. However, when a lack of judgment results in their violating the law, these kids may not get a free pass. In fact, they could end up facing serious criminal charges and face long\-term consequences. While many minors end up in the juvenile justice system, their situations are still serious.

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