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Assault, battery charges stem from altercation with officer

The repercussions of criminal charges can vary depending on the circumstances. Some people may not see much impact beyond the allegations themselves, and others could end up losing their jobs because accusations have come against them. Cases of assault can have the latter outcome, especially for individuals who hold certain occupations.

A seemingly good deed could lead to a criminal defense need

Having good intentions does not always mean that a person is acting in an appropriate manner. In some cases, concerns over certain behavior could even lead to criminal charges. As a result, someone who thinks he or she is simply being a helpful person could wind up needing a criminal defense.

Protective instinct may have led to aggravated assault charge

When a person believes that his or her child is in danger or has been harmed by another person, it is not unusual for that parent to want to take action. In some instances, a parent may act without fully thinking through his or her actions, and a situation could escalate into a more serious ordeal than expected. In fact, criminal charges for assault or other illegal behavior could result.

Aggravated assault charge stems from incident with skateboard

Serious situations can stem from misunderstandings or from someone providing false information. When a person is accused of a serious crime, like assault, it is important that the information regarding the event is correct. In many cases, the accused party often needs to give his or her side of the event in court.

Man facing weapons charges after Florida altercation

In the heat of the moment, many people do not give themselves time to think about the words they say or the actions they carry out. Unfortunately, acting without thinking can easily cause a situation to escalate and potentially lead to police involvement. In some cases, circumstances may even lead to weapons charges.

Man charged with battery after altercation at Florida restaurant

Some people have bad days in which any little inconvenience could set them off. Unfortunately, if this happens and a person reacts aggressively, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. These allegations can come with steep penalties if a conviction takes place, so an accused person may want to prepare accordingly.

Criminal defense: Florida man charged with child neglect

When police become involved in an event, it can often become more complicated. A person may think that he or she is not bothering anyone else, but others may feel the need to call the police over a given situation. If warranted, police officers may take a person into custody, and that individual may end up focused on preparing a criminal defense.

Battery charge stems from incident on Florida State campus

In many debates, individuals can become heated over their points of view. In some cases, especially when it comes to politics, people can hold strong opinions and feel the need to take action to make their voices heard. However, if situations escalate beyond verbal debate and become physical, charges for battery could result.

Argument over cleaning leads to battery charge for Florida woman

When a contentious situation escalates, it is not unusual for the police to be called. Unfortunately, that often means that someone ends up facing serious criminal charges, sometimes for battery. If this does happen, the accused person may want to brush up on his or her options for dealing with such serious allegations.

Creating a criminal defense will likely help Florida man

Some actions can sometimes make a situation worse, but that does not mean that those actions cannot be explained and possibly rectified later. For instance, some people may think that fleeing from police will work in their best interests, but this idea often stems from fear or anxiety. Still, it can lead to additional charges for a person who may already be in need of a criminal defense.

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