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Woman facing Florida charges for DUI, child neglect

Because each criminal case has unique aspects, it is important for anyone charged with a crime to thoroughly review certain legal information. In particular, a person facing charges for DUI and other allegations may find it helpful to become more knowledgeable on the specific charges, legal proceedings ahead and criminal defense options. Deciding what tactics may be more useful when creating a defense could make a considerable difference in outcomes.

Fatal accident involving road workers leads to DUI charges

The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol vary from case to case. Of course, individuals may want to remember that if criminal charges for DUI are brought against them, they must be convicted of the allegations before punishments can be enacted. Because avoiding serious sentencing is often the goal of many parties in this type of predicament, it may be wise to consider legal defense options.

Florida authorities take man into custody for DUI, no license

There is a vast amount of information available for individuals facing criminal charges. Of course, it can be difficult to determine what information is factual and what may be less reliable. Fortunately, if individuals are facing charges for DUI, they do not have to rely on a search engine to gain the right knowledge to address their cases.

Scared man flees officer, faces DUI charge in Florida

When a police officer attempts to pull over a vehicle, most drivers understandably feel a sense of panic. As a result, they may not use their best judgment in dealing with the situation, which may cause it to become worse. If an officers suspects a driver of DUI and the driver fails to stop, multiple charges could result.

Woman facing multiple DUI charges in Florida after fatal crash

After facing criminal charges, there are many ways in which individuals could choose to handle their predicaments. Typically, accused parties want to give their sides of the situation and defend against allegations in hopes of preventing or at least lessening the potential for serious consequences. When a case of suspected DUI involves a fatality, the person charged will likely need a strong defense presentation.

DUI allegations leveled against Florida woman after crash

The shock that comes along with facing criminal charges may take a bit of time to wear off. However, individuals may not want to take too long dwelling on how they ended up in the situation and may want to focus more on how they will handle the charges. Any driver could face accusations of DUI, even those who have not been drinking, and a meaningful criminal defense may help effectively address the situation.

DUi, battery charges brought against Florida man with high BAC

Most people have nights that they consider rough. Whether events simply did not go the way they anticipated or they found themselves facing a difficult predicament, many individuals can usually sleep late the next day and try to forget the night before. However, when that rough night involves getting arrested for DUI, a person may need to take more serious steps than getting a good night's sleep to get through the situation.

Florida woman facing DUI charge after parking lot incident

It is not unusual for individuals to make questionable decisions. Unfortunately, some of those decisions could cause damages or others to suffer harm, and as a result, a legal predicament could arise. If a person is accused of involvement in a car accident and police suspect him or her of DUI, it is likely that criminal charges will result.

Florida woman facing DUI manslaughter charge after two crashes

Facing a situation directly is how many people choose to address predicaments. When the issue at hand relates to criminal charges for DUI that resulted in a fatality, finding the most viable and prudent manner in which to handle the case may be wise. Of course, for individuals who do not have much knowledge on their options, this step may seem impossible. Fortunately, there are avenues for gaining help.

Man charged with DUI after ordering burrito at a bank in Florida

Landing in a confusing situation can cause many people to feel uncomfortable. When a certain level of disorientation contributes to the confusion, a person may not know the best way to handle the predicament. Unfortunately for some, this type of scenario could result in their facing charges for DUI if authorities believe drugs or alcohol have played a role in a misunderstanding.

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