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Protective instinct may have led to aggravated assault charge

When a person believes that his or her child is in danger or has been harmed by another person, it is not unusual for that parent to want to take action. In some instances, a parent may act without fully thinking through his or her actions, and a situation could escalate into a more serious ordeal than expected. In fact, criminal charges for assault or other illegal behavior could result.

One father in Florida recently found himself in such a predicament. According to reports, the man had received a FaceTime call from his son, who was crying while at school. The boy reportedly told his father than his teacher had "slammed" him. During the call, the father reportedly saw his son being grabbed by an adult before the phone was dropped and the call ended.

This situation apparently prompted the father to go the school, and a police officer with the school addressed the man. The father allegedly made threatening statements, and the police officer reportedly saw the handle of a firearm on the man. The school was placed on lockdown, and other officers arrived. The man stated that he carried the weapon for protection and forgot that he was carrying it. Nonetheless, he was taken into custody on multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a weapon and possession of a firearm on school grounds.

Wanting to protect a child is a parent's natural instinct. However, as this case shows, hasty actions can sometimes result in serious allegations. The man accused in this Florida case will undoubtedly want to make sure that he understands the aggravated assault charge and other allegations brought against him in efforts to thoughtfully handle his case.

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