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March 2019 Archives

Drug trafficking charges filed against woman after home search

A tip to police could result in a person's life changing drastically. When authorities act on information provided by another individual, it could spark an investigation that leads to serious criminal charges, like those for drug trafficking. If this happens, the accused person may feel caught off his or her guard and confused about how to handle the legal predicaments that are now imminent.

Protective instinct may have led to aggravated assault charge

When a person believes that his or her child is in danger or has been harmed by another person, it is not unusual for that parent to want to take action. In some instances, a parent may act without fully thinking through his or her actions, and a situation could escalate into a more serious ordeal than expected. In fact, criminal charges for assault or other illegal behavior could result.

Defense vital after crash leads to vehicular homicide charge

As most people know, it is difficult to address criminal charges. There are a number of steps that need to take place in a particular order, and for someone accused of a crime, it can seem as if the ordeal is never-ending. Allegations of drunk driving that also involve charges of vehicular homicide can be particularly challenging to handle.

Unlawful search and seizure for marijuana under scrutiny

When laws change, it can often have a ripple effect and potentially present a need to consider changes to other laws. This situation can prove especially true when changes regarding formerly illegal activity take place. Often, individuals wonder whether they have more options when it comes to defending against allegations. For instance, unlawful search and seizure is currently a focus in Florida because medical marijuana has become legal.

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