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December 2018 Archives

DUI charges result from Florida accident

In most situations, the outcomes can depend on how the individuals involved choose to handle their predicaments. When a person faces charges for DUI, it is important that he or she understands that there are multiple ways in which the case could be addressed. Finding the best option for the particular circumstances could make a considerable difference in a person's case.

DUI manslaughter charge results from Florida accident

No one wants to find him or herself involved in a car accident. Additionally, no one wants to end up in a crash and also have charges for DUI brought against him or her. However, this type of scenario is not uncommon, and if a fatality also results, more serious charges, like vehicular manslaughter, could be filed.

3 men indicted on charges for drug-related offenses in Florida

Though multiple individuals may be charged in the same alleged crime, each person has his or her own legal case to address. It is not uncommon for multiple individuals to be arrested for drug-related offenses, especially if authorities suspect a distribution operation. Still, each person is considered innocent until -- and only if -- proved guilty in a court of law.

Teen needs criminal defense after facing firearm charges

Teenagers and other juveniles do not always make the best choices. They may think they can get away with doing something they should not do, or they may think that what they are doing is not harmful. However, if a juvenile breaks the law, he or she could still face charges and need a criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Florida man charged with child neglect

When police become involved in an event, it can often become more complicated. A person may think that he or she is not bothering anyone else, but others may feel the need to call the police over a given situation. If warranted, police officers may take a person into custody, and that individual may end up focused on preparing a criminal defense.

Can a police officer search your car during a traffic stop?

If you are ever pulled over by a police officer for a minor traffic violation, you may be wondering under what circumstances they can then conduct a search of your car. Since your car is your personal space, a search inside the car is considered intruding on your privacy and there are specific rules police must follow before they can legally do a search.

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