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October 2018 Archives

Vehicular manslaughter charge comes year after suspected DUI case

Many people would like to forget about difficult events in their lives as soon as possible. However, when it comes to incidents that may result in criminal charges, parties likely cannot forget any time soon. In some cases, charges -- such as those for vehicular manslaughter -- could come about months or even years after a fatal crash took place.

Federal narcotics charges brought against 3 Florida officers

Any person could end up in a situation where criminal charges are brought against them. In some cases, the allegations can be severe, such as federal narcotics charges. It can be immensely important for individuals in such predicaments to take the time to determine how they will feel comfortable addressing the allegations.

Florida man facing multiple charges for drug-related offenses

Facing an arrest can feel like a whirlwind, and many actions may need to be taken in a short period of time. While it may seem overwhelming to try to handle this type of situation, individuals arrested for drug-related offenses do not have to feel as if they have no options for dealing with this problem. Often, many criminal defense options exist that accused parties could take advantage of.

Argument over cleaning leads to battery charge for Florida woman

When a contentious situation escalates, it is not unusual for the police to be called. Unfortunately, that often means that someone ends up facing serious criminal charges, sometimes for battery. If this does happen, the accused person may want to brush up on his or her options for dealing with such serious allegations.

Prominence of “study drug” use on college campuses is rising

The fall semester is in full swing as many students in the Jacksonville area begin to prepare for midterms and other major academic obligations. Students may feel even more stress as the semester continues into the winter months, bringing final papers, projects and exams into the picture.

Florida woman faces DUI charge

A woman accused of driving drunk with her infant child in the car is in police custody at this time, according to local sources. The Florida woman has been charged with DUI and several other charges related to an accident police believe she may have caused. Social services has been alerted to the situation and may be pursuing a court order to obtain custody of the woman's child.

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