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September 2018 Archives

Long-term consequences possible after mass shooting "joke"

It is not unusual for kids to make inappropriate jokes. They may think they are simply being funny when they are actually putting others at risk or presenting a cause for alarm. In some cases, a joke can go too far, and a juvenile could end up facing charges and possible long-term consequences for his or her actions.

Police charge man with possession of controlled substance

In the heat of the moment, people commonly make choices that they later realize were probably not the best. For some, those poor decisions may not lead to much negative outcome, but for others, it could result in criminal charges for possession of controlled substance or other allegations. As a result, those individuals may need legal help.

Florida couple accused of drug-related offenses

The problems people face in life vary from one person to another. In some cases, individuals can be accused of drug-related offenses and such predicaments can present the need to evaluate many aspects of their lives. First, they may want to understand the charges they face and how they can address them when the time comes.

Everything you need to know about record expungement in Florida

If you are charged with a crime in Florida, there are ramifications that may follow you throughout your life. On certain occasions, there is the possibility of cleaning your record, making it easier to find a job and receive background checks. This post will look at what record expungement is and if you are eligible for it.

Woman facing Florida charges for DUI, child neglect

Because each criminal case has unique aspects, it is important for anyone charged with a crime to thoroughly review certain legal information. In particular, a person facing charges for DUI and other allegations may find it helpful to become more knowledgeable on the specific charges, legal proceedings ahead and criminal defense options. Deciding what tactics may be more useful when creating a defense could make a considerable difference in outcomes.

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