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July 2018 Archives

Florida woman faces charge for assault with a deadly weapon

When individuals are in an emotional state, they may not make the best decisions. In some cases, the choices they make can lead to dire consequences, including criminal charges. Situations that involve assault can be immensely serious, and when thinking more clearly, parties in this type of situation may greatly regret their actions.

Man facing drug trafficking charges after Florida investigation

Officers often conduct investigations into individuals who they believe may be carrying out drug-related activities. In many cases, these investigations lead to arrests, and some parties may find themselves facing serious criminal allegations. Drug trafficking is among the more severe charges when it comes to drug crimes, and a strong defense may be critical.

Juvenile crimes: 3 teens charged after Florida robbery

Most people know that kids do not always make the best decisions. However, some of those decisions could land them in serious legal trouble. Juvenile crimes are no laughing matter, and if minors are accused of serious charges, their futures could be at risk of facing immensely negative impacts.

Florida authorities take man into custody for DUI, no license

There is a vast amount of information available for individuals facing criminal charges. Of course, it can be difficult to determine what information is factual and what may be less reliable. Fortunately, if individuals are facing charges for DUI, they do not have to rely on a search engine to gain the right knowledge to address their cases.

Mentally ill man accused of murder in Florida

Many individuals struggle throughout life with mental illness. In many cases, people often do not receive the treatment needed to keep their illnesses from becoming too overwhelming. As a result, it is not unusual for some struggling individuals to carry out acts that could potentially cause harm to others and lead to criminal charges for serious crimes, like murder.

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