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Woman facing multiple DUI charges in Florida after fatal crash

After facing criminal charges, there are many ways in which individuals could choose to handle their predicaments. Typically, accused parties want to give their sides of the situation and defend against allegations in hopes of preventing or at least lessening the potential for serious consequences. When a case of suspected DUI involves a fatality, the person charged will likely need a strong defense presentation.

Wife of pro golfer charged with domestic violence in Florida

It is not unusual for families to have their squabbles. However, when those incidents escalate and involve violence, the situation can become something much more serious. In these cases, a person could easily end up facing charges for domestic violence.

Florida woman charged for drug-related offenses

Being taken into custody is a nerve-wracking experience. Anyone facing this type of situation may suddenly feel a rush of adrenaline, and their minds may start reeling as they try to determine how to handle the situation. Of course, many people facing charges for drug\-related offenses may not even know where to start.

Florida man charged with assault after disagreement with roommate

The final straw in any situation could come at an unexpected moment. For some, they may simply feel unable to take certain behaviors any longer. As a result, they may lose their tempers and act in ways that could land them in serious trouble, especially if those actions allegedly involve assault.

Florida man needs criminal defense for unusual animal cruelty

Criminal charges can come about for seemingly unbelievable crimes. While individuals not directly involved in the event may roll their eyes at the seemingly ridiculous nature of the incident, the person facing charges needs to take a serious approach. Any type of criminal allegation is sobering, and someone in this situation may find help by securing criminal defense information.

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