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Justice Department announces a new opioid task force

America has a long and challenging history with drug use and drug abuse. Opioids are older than the US itself, with use dating back centuries with culturally approved legal use as well as criminal misuse. Today, the opioid crisis in America is leading to a federal crackdown.

Drug overdoses are a real problem. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that 180 people die each day from overdoses. It is such a serious problem that the country’s life expectancy decreased in 2015 and 2016.

Prescription Interdiction & Litigation Task Force

Because of this ongoing issue, the Justice Department announced a new task force in late February. The task force addresses all areas of opium abuse, from manufacture to prescription fraud, distribution and black market sale.

Opioid abuse is a significant problem, but it is also a legitimate painkiller for many who suffer chronic ailments and painful recovery after an operation or accident. The possession of a controlled substance without a prescription is a crime, but cases of prescription fraud are more complex. Any criminal case requires proof beyond reasonable doubt that a prescription was unauthentic.

Every side of the story matters

Opioids and synthetic but similar drugs, such as fentanyl, are highly addictive and dangerous when misused. Anyone charged with possession or prescription forgery should immediately consult with an experienced attorney to learn how you can seek help and protect your future.

Every legal case is unique, and there are many options available. There may be a dispute about a prescription, the police may be using questionable or invalid evidence or, for some, drug court may present an alternative that focuses on recovery over incarceration.

As the numbers show, the opioid crisis is very real. With a federal task force, the human cost of the crisis is on full display. It’s important that individual rights are maintained as opioids are under the spotlight.

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