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How do I get my license back after my first DUI?

Enjoying alcohol at a social event can result in failing a breathalyzer afterwards. You might find yourself misjudging your ability to drive clear-headed. It is often surprising to find out your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal amount (0.08 percent).

Not only do DUI charges evoke feelings of shame, disappointment and regret, but they also come with legal costs. DUI convictions may result in court fines, jail time, required community service hours and more. These interruptions to your life can make it hard to get to work and put in the hours you normally would while trying to recover legally and financially.

Regaining your driver’s license

Part of the post-DUI recovery process involves regaining your driving privileges. What determines the steps you need to take depends on charges of one or more DUIs. After your first DUI, your license may be revoked for 180 days to one year. You may need to take these steps before you can get your driver’s license back:

  • Complete court-appointed programs within 90 days
  • Pass a state exam
  • Pay court, administration and revocation fees
  • Prove your auto insurance is current

How can I get a hardship license?

Before your suspension date ends, you may consider applying for a hardship license. A hardship license would give you restricted driving access. It is usually limited to driving yourself to and from work. You will first need to schedule an exam and pay a fee before applying for a state hardship license.

There is hope

Just because you got a DUI, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Many people enter the roadways not realizing exactly how much alcohol they’ve consumed. You might consider investing in a personal BAC breathalyzer that can help you gauge your consumption levels prior to making driving arrangements. Regaining your suspended driver’s license is a process. It helps to remain patient and cooperate with the court mandated requirements and time frames.

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