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October 2017 Archives

Woman charged with driving under the influence in Florida

Though charges for DUI are fairly common, each person who faces such allegations must deal with the unique factors of his or her case. Because there can be numerous factors to consider, individuals attempting to handle charges for driving under the influence may wonder where to start. Due to the potential for confusion and stress, many parties choose to seek assistance during this time.

When should they read me my rights?

Most of us have heard it many times. Whether on TV of the movies, the language is always the same: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you. Having your "rights read," however, was not always a requirement.

Video leads to investigation of excessive force claim in Florida

A dash cam video shows a police officer striking a suspect in the state. A Florida man was struck seven times as he was being arrested when authorities arrived at the scene where a 911 call was made. A recent news story gives more details of the alleged excessive force incident. 

Multiple people arrested on drug-related offenses in Florida bust

In order to create a meaningful criminal defense, individuals often find information relating to their predicaments useful. The type of knowledge needed can depend heavily on the details of the allegations and of the event that allegedly took place. For parties charged with drug\-related offenses, the type of substances involved and various other information may play important roles in the possible consequences, as well as how the accused parties may need to approach their defenses.

What are Miranda rights, and when do they kick in?

Question: My son often runs afoul of the law. He’s a good kid, but is having a hard time lately. The cops will come knocking at my door, looking for him. I try to be polite, but they can be pretty persistent and I am wondering a couple of things: Do I have to talk to them, and does he? I’ve heard you shouldn’t talk to an officer without a lawyer present, but can you tell me more about what that means?

Florida teen accused of juvenile crimes after alleged robbery

When individuals are at a young age, they are expected to make mistakes. Unfortunately, some young people may make more significant mistakes than others and find themselves facing criminal charges. Though some parties may think that facing charges as a minor is not a big deal, accusations and convictions for juvenile crimes can still have lasting impacts.

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