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September 2017 Archives

Aggravated assault charge leveled against Florida woman

Individuals can sometimes have unexpected reactions to certain situations. When a person is faced with a difficult predicament, he or she may act out of pure emotion rather than thinking through the logical options. Unfortunately, when an individual acts impulsively, police may become involved, and charges for assault or other allegations could fall upon that person.

What is a grand jury? Why is it important to my case?

Most people familiar with the criminal justice system understand the role of an arraignment, especially if they have been arrested and are being held in custody pending their first appearance. But before an arraignment (or an arrest for that matter), chances are that charges are brought against the accused through a grand jury indictment, especially if the accused has not been arrested. This is a formal notice that the state is bringing criminal charges against a defendant and it is a call for the accused to appear and answer to them.

Defense info may help Florida man with DUI charge

It is a simple fact of life that everyone makes mistakes at some point. For some, those mistakes may have little consequence, and for others, the error of their ways could result in a serious legal situation. When a person is charged with DUI, he or she may want to avoid the mistake of approaching the case unprepared.

Defense info may help 3 charged in Florida drug-related offenses

Though "drug charges" is a term that many people have heard, it is also a blanket phrase that could cover a variety of allegations. When parties are accused of drug\-related offenses, the circumstances under which the charges come about could be drastically different from case to case. Because of these differences, each individual facing criminal allegations may want to determine what legal avenues they may find most fitting for their particular situations.

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