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Man charged with battery after altercation at Florida restaurant

Some people have bad days in which any little inconvenience could set them off. Unfortunately, if this happens and a person reacts aggressively, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. These allegations can come with steep penalties if a conviction takes place, so an accused person may want to prepare accordingly.

One man in Florida may be exploring his preparation options after recently being arrested in a reportedly violent event. Apparently, the man was at a fast-food restaurant and wanted a straw. New law in the area now prohibits straws from being left in restaurant lobbies, and customers must instead request a straw. The man reportedly began yelling and moving toward the counter, and an employee informed him of the law.

Is it possible to dispute a restraining order?

Restraining orders can be very serious and are usually not requested unless there is a reasonable purpose to do so.  But many times, restraining orders are not based on facts and could be traced to unfounded paranoia that may never come to fruition.  If someone has made up false allegations against you to obtain a protection order, it may just be used as a tactic to swerve opinion or move control of a situation to the person filing the complaint. The good news, you can dispute it.

DUI charges result from Florida accident

In most situations, the outcomes can depend on how the individuals involved choose to handle their predicaments. When a person faces charges for DUI, it is important that he or she understands that there are multiple ways in which the case could be addressed. Finding the best option for the particular circumstances could make a considerable difference in a person's case.

One woman in Florida will certainly want to review her legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the woman had been driving a vehicle when she failed to keep the vehicle on the road. As a result, the car crashed into a crosswalk signal, a concrete wall and a pedestrian handrail. The incident occurred at approximately 2:45 a.m.

DUI manslaughter charge results from Florida accident

No one wants to find him or herself involved in a car accident. Additionally, no one wants to end up in a crash and also have charges for DUI brought against him or her. However, this type of scenario is not uncommon, and if a fatality also results, more serious charges, like vehicular manslaughter, could be filed.

It was recently reported that one man in Florida was recently taken into custody after a fatal accident. The man was reportedly driving a vehicle at a high rate of speed on Interstate 4 when he collided with the rear of another vehicle. The second vehicle then flipped multiple times and came to a stop in the median of the road. A woman was driving the second vehicle and was presumably the only occupant.

3 men indicted on charges for drug-related offenses in Florida

Though multiple individuals may be charged in the same alleged crime, each person has his or her own legal case to address. It is not uncommon for multiple individuals to be arrested for drug-related offenses, especially if authorities suspect a distribution operation. Still, each person is considered innocent until -- and only if -- proved guilty in a court of law.

Three individuals in Florida were recently indicted on drug-related charges. Reports stated that authorities had obtained and carried out search warrants in September for two locations associated with one of the suspects. The search reportedly resulted in the seizure of drugs, cash and firearms. One of the other suspects was pulled over as part of a traffic stop, and authorities reportedly found more drugs, cash and guns in his vehicle.

Teen needs criminal defense after facing firearm charges

Teenagers and other juveniles do not always make the best choices. They may think they can get away with doing something they should not do, or they may think that what they are doing is not harmful. However, if a juvenile breaks the law, he or she could still face charges and need a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that a 17-year-old Florida high school student was taken into custody by police. Apparently, an undisclosed person contacted police due to suspecting that the student had a gun. It was unclear what caused this suspicion. Nonetheless, the student was kept in a classroom, and police searched his belongings. A 9 mm handgun as well as an additional loaded magazine were allegedly discovered inside his backpack.

Criminal defense: Florida man charged with child neglect

When police become involved in an event, it can often become more complicated. A person may think that he or she is not bothering anyone else, but others may feel the need to call the police over a given situation. If warranted, police officers may take a person into custody, and that individual may end up focused on preparing a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that a Florida father was taken into custody for allegedly abandoning his child. Apparently, individuals at a campsite saw a toddler alone at a neighboring site and believed the father to have abandoned the child. As a result, campers contacted police. When police arrived, the father was back at the campsite with the child. Officers approached the man's tent and asked him to come out, but the man reportedly refused.

Can a police officer search your car during a traffic stop?

If you are ever pulled over by a police officer for a minor traffic violation, you may be wondering under what circumstances they can then conduct a search of your car. Since your car is your personal space, a search inside the car is considered intruding on your privacy and there are specific rules police must follow before they can legally do a search.

If the police want to conduct a search of your car, you may feel less like they believe you are hiding something and feel more like you need to prove that you are not hiding something. The good news is, you have a right to your privacy under the fourth amendment and do not need to feel inclined to prove your innocence. Whatever intuition a police officer may have for wanting to do a search, they will not be able to legally conduct one unless they have a warrant.

Florida firefighter faces DUI charge after traffic stop

No one is immune to making bad decisions now and then. If a choice results in a person facing an arrest for DUI, it may seem like that decision has ruined his or her life. However, that may not be the case. People in this type of predicament may have several ways in which they can handle it.

One man in Florida will likely be reviewing his options after recently being taken into custody on charges for drunk driving. Reports stated that the man was traveling over the speed limit and was not keeping his vehicle in his lane. As a result, he almost struck another vehicle. Officers conducted a traffic stop, and they allegedly noticed that the man had an odor of alcohol on his breath and that his eyes looked bloodshot and glassy.

Charges for drug-related offenses filed against Florida man

Facing criminal charges can cause individuals to feel a variety of emotions. Often, parties may feel frightened, stressed, anxious and worried, and they may let these feelings overwhelm them. However, it is important to keep these emotions under control as best as possible and focus on finding the best methods for handling the allegations for drug-related offenses.

One man may be fighting overwhelming feelings after recently being taken into custody in Florida. Reports stated that the man was among a group of people inside a vehicle when police officers who were carrying out a proactive patrol approached the vehicle. They reportedly spoke with the individuals inside and believed that drug activity was taking place. As a result, they searched the vehicle.

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