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Protective instinct may have led to aggravated assault charge

When a person believes that his or her child is in danger or has been harmed by another person, it is not unusual for that parent to want to take action. In some instances, a parent may act without fully thinking through his or her actions, and a situation could escalate into a more serious ordeal than expected. In fact, criminal charges for assault or other illegal behavior could result.

One father in Florida recently found himself in such a predicament. According to reports, the man had received a FaceTime call from his son, who was crying while at school. The boy reportedly told his father than his teacher had "slammed" him. During the call, the father reportedly saw his son being grabbed by an adult before the phone was dropped and the call ended.

Defense vital after crash leads to vehicular homicide charge

As most people know, it is difficult to address criminal charges. There are a number of steps that need to take place in a particular order, and for someone accused of a crime, it can seem as if the ordeal is never-ending. Allegations of drunk driving that also involve charges of vehicular homicide can be particularly challenging to handle.

One man in Florida likely hopes that his case will proceed as smoothly as it can after a recent fatal accident. Reports stated that the 24-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he apparently tried to use the left-turn lane to pass another vehicle. However, his SUV collided with a raised median before hitting multiple trees and crossing into the opposite lanes of traffic. The SUV then hit a car head-on.

Unlawful search and seizure for marijuana under scrutiny

When laws change, it can often have a ripple effect and potentially present a need to consider changes to other laws. This situation can prove especially true when changes regarding formerly illegal activity take place. Often, individuals wonder whether they have more options when it comes to defending against allegations. For instance, unlawful search and seizure is currently a focus in Florida because medical marijuana has become legal.

It was recently reported that one man is challenging an arrest and charges for marijuana possession after a police officer searched his vehicle due to noticing an odor of the substance. The man believes that the search of his vehicle was unlawful due to the legalization of marijuana for numerous people in the state. As a result, the odor of marijuana on its own may not be enough probable cause to conduct a search.

Long-term consequences may stem from shooting that paralyzed man

At young ages, individuals do not always make the wisest decisions. Unfortunately, not all of the mistakes that they make due to poor judgment have only minor repercussions. In fact, serious actions could lead to long-term consequences that involve criminal charges.

It was recently reported that one juvenile was taken into custody by police and another is on the run after a shooting in Florida. According to reports, a father was shot in his home after his son invited some friends over for a party. Apparently, some other individuals crashed the party and would not leave when the son asked. As a result, the father got involved, and after his intervention, the shots occurred. The man was hit in the neck, and the bullet reportedly traveled through his spinal column and came out his right shoulder.

Aggravated assault charge stems from incident with skateboard

Serious situations can stem from misunderstandings or from someone providing false information. When a person is accused of a serious crime, like assault, it is important that the information regarding the event is correct. In many cases, the accused party often needs to give his or her side of the event in court.

One man in Florida will likely want to prepare his version of events after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man approached another man who was carrying out recyclables from his home. For an unclear reason, the second man claims that the first man went and got a wooden skateboard before approaching the second man again. The second man then stated that the first man hit him in the face several times with the skateboard and claims that he was hit again even after being on the ground.

2 men facing drug trafficking charges after Florida traffic stop

Most people feel uncomfortable in situations that they are not prepared for or do not know how to handle. In many instances, individuals avoid this type of predicament or find a way out of having to deal with it. However, if someone is facing criminal charges for drug trafficking, it is unlikely that they can avoid the proceedings ahead, even if they are uncertain about how to move forward.

Two individuals who were recently taken into custody in Florida will likely want to gain more information on their cases in order to feel more prepared in handling them. Reports stated that two men were in a vehicle traveling southbound on Interstate 75 when they were stopped by a police officer. The officer reportedly conducted the traffic stop because the vehicle was impeding the flow of traffic, and during the stop, a K-9 unit was apparently utilized.

Can I get my criminal record expunged in Florida?

One thing you may find out by having a criminal record is it typically is not something you only deal with for a short-term. Whether you have been arrested or convicted, or even both, you will at some point realize these actions can follow you for some time.

Some of the difficulties and consequences you may face can include employers not hiring you or landlords not wanting to rent to you. However, instead of having to deal with frustrations like this for a long period of time, you may be able to get the arrest or conviction removed from your record through expungement.

Man facing weapons charges after Florida altercation

In the heat of the moment, many people do not give themselves time to think about the words they say or the actions they carry out. Unfortunately, acting without thinking can easily cause a situation to escalate and potentially lead to police involvement. In some cases, circumstances may even lead to weapons charges.

It was recently reported that a man in Florida was taken into custody in what some individuals are calling a possible hate crime. Apparently, a group of teenagers were on bicycles and blocking a bridge in protest of the redevelopment of a public housing complex. A woman apparently got out of a vehicle and then claimed that one of the teens ran over her foot with a bicycle. The woman and the group then got into a verbal altercation.

Firefighter faces DUI charge after multi-car accident

Crashes commonly result when individuals get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Another common result of such incidents is for the drivers considered at fault to face criminal charges for DUI. Depending on the outcomes and severity of such accidents, the exact criminal allegations may vary, and accused parties may benefit from fully understanding their cases.

It was recently reported that a Florida firefighter was charged after allegedly causing a multi-car accident. The man was reportedly driving a pickup truck when he crashed into five vehicles. At least two people suffered injuries in the incident. The man apparently left the scene on foot, and a police K-9 unit was utilized to find the man.

Juvenile's alleged shooting threats may have a lasting impact

Due to the alarming number of shootings that have taken place across the country in recent years, many people are understandably cautious when they catch wind of a possible threat. Even if the threat comes from a juvenile, it must be taken seriously, especially if it occurs at a school. As a result, an arrest could take place, and the situation could have a lasting impact on the child.

It was recently reported that a juvenile in Florida was taken into custody for such threats. According to reports, the boy was in a classroom when his teacher and other classmates purportedly heard him saying that he may be a prospective shooter. The teacher told the boy to stop talking about that subject, but he allegedly then pointed and made shooting noises.

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