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Woman charged with drug-related offenses in Florida

The circumstances surrounding an alleged criminal event can easily play a substantial part in a person's criminal defense. When accused of drug\-related offenses, it can be important to utilize those details in the most effective manner possible. Of course, sticking to the facts or remaining silent may help individuals more than making outlandish comments during an arrest.

It was recently reported that a woman in Florida was taken into custody after a traffic stop. Apparently, a police officer pulled over a vehicle for an undisclosed reason. During the stop, the officer allegedly smelled an odor of marijuana in the vehicle, which led to a search of the car and the occupants' personal belongings.

Why do courts trust eyewitness testimony?

Criminal investigators love a good witness. A supposedly impartial third-party observer can tell the court exactly what happened.

This may work well in theory, but several real cases show that their memory and ability to understand the situation is not always correct. Courts and police must be careful to avoid mistaken testimonies.

Teen may face long-term consequences after weapon-related arrest

Many people may want to give kids a pass when they make mistakes. However, when a lack of judgment results in their violating the law, these kids may not get a free pass. In fact, they could end up facing serious criminal charges and face long\-term consequences. While many minors end up in the juvenile justice system, their situations are still serious.

It was recently reported that a 17-year-old boy in Florida is now in juvenile custody after he carried a firearm near a middle school. Reports indicated that the teenager had put on a ski mask and that the rifle he carried was loaded when he neared the school. As a result, he was taken into custody and charged with possessing a firearm on school property and possession of a firearm by a minor.

DUi, battery charges brought against Florida man with high BAC

Most people have nights that they consider rough. Whether events simply did not go the way they anticipated or they found themselves facing a difficult predicament, many individuals can usually sleep late the next day and try to forget the night before. However, when that rough night involves getting arrested for DUI, a person may need to take more serious steps than getting a good night's sleep to get through the situation.

One man in Florida may be exploring his options for addressing such charges. Reports stated that authorities were alerted to a reckless driver located at an apartment complex. Apparently, the driver had hit mailboxes and other vehicles before he got out of his car and allegedly got into an argument with a man walking his dog.

Domestic violence allegations leveled against Florida woman

Marriage can certainly take a toll on anyone's sanity. Some individuals may have spouses who make them feel as if their nerves have frayed, and others may simply wonder how they could have married their spouses in the first place. Unfortunately, when a dispute escalates, someone could end up facing charges for domestic violence.

While cases of this type often involve men being taken into custody, there are also scenarios in which a woman may be accused of violent behavior. One woman in Florida was recently taken into custody due to this type of alleged event. Reports stated that the woman became angry after her husband claimed to have forgotten their wedding anniversary.

4 charged with possession of controlled substance in Florida

Individuals can face difficult circumstances at any point in their lives. Some parties may know for some time that a hardship is approaching, and others may feel completely caught off guard by suddenly landing in a serious predicament. When it comes to drug crimes, individuals may land in either of the two previous categories after facing charges for possession of controlled substance.

It was recently reported that four individuals in Florida were taken into custody on such allegations. For unclear reasons, authorities reportedly obtained and executed a search warrant on an apartment in which the four individuals were located. Two of the people attempted to leave the scene, but authorities apprehended them. There were three men and one woman allegedly involved in the incident, and they were all reported as being in their early to mid-20s. 

Man considered in possession of a controlled substance in Florida

People's lives can change in an instant. A once upstanding citizen could find him or herself facing hard times that lead him or her to make questionable choices. Unfortunately, as individuals in this type of situation struggle, they may face additional difficulties if police consider them in possession of a controlled substance or accuse them of other drug-related crimes.

It was recently reported that a former deputy in Florida is currently facing such a predicament. Apparently, authorities came to the man's place of residence after receiving reports of gunshots. Officers purportedly obtained a search warrant and went into the home to investigate. They allegedly found firearms and ammunition in the home and noticed animal excrement inside the home as well as other unsanitary conditions.

Justice Department announces a new opioid task force

America has a long and challenging history with drug use and drug abuse. Opioids are older than the US itself, with use dating back centuries with culturally approved legal use as well as criminal misuse. Today, the opioid crisis in America is leading to a federal crackdown.

Florida woman facing DUI charge after parking lot incident

It is not unusual for individuals to make questionable decisions. Unfortunately, some of those decisions could cause damages or others to suffer harm, and as a result, a legal predicament could arise. If a person is accused of involvement in a car accident and police suspect him or her of DUI, it is likely that criminal charges will result.

One woman in Florida is currently facing such a predicament. Reports indicate that authorities were called to the parking lot of a grocery store after a woman noticed that her vehicle had been hit by another car. Another woman came out of the store and allegedly told police that she had hit the woman's car with her vehicle. Police reportedly noticed that the second woman was having balance issues, and after ensuring that she was not experiencing a medical issue, they administered sobriety tests.

How do I get my license back after my first DUI?

Enjoying alcohol at a social event can result in failing a breathalyzer afterwards. You might find yourself misjudging your ability to drive clear-headed. It is often surprising to find out your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal amount (0.08 percent).

Not only do DUI charges evoke feelings of shame, disappointment and regret, but they also come with legal costs. DUI convictions may result in court fines, jail time, required community service hours and more. These interruptions to your life can make it hard to get to work and put in the hours you normally would while trying to recover legally and financially.

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