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Man considered in possession of a controlled substance in Florida

People's lives can change in an instant. A once upstanding citizen could find him or herself facing hard times that lead him or her to make questionable choices. Unfortunately, as individuals in this type of situation struggle, they may face additional difficulties if police consider them in possession of a controlled substance or accuse them of other drug-related crimes.

It was recently reported that a former deputy in Florida is currently facing such a predicament. Apparently, authorities came to the man's place of residence after receiving reports of gunshots. Officers purportedly obtained a search warrant and went into the home to investigate. They allegedly found firearms and ammunition in the home and noticed animal excrement inside the home as well as other unsanitary conditions.

Justice Department announces a new opioid task force

America has a long and challenging history with drug use and drug abuse. Opioids are older than the US itself, with use dating back centuries with culturally approved legal use as well as criminal misuse. Today, the opioid crisis in America is leading to a federal crackdown.

Florida woman facing DUI charge after parking lot incident

It is not unusual for individuals to make questionable decisions. Unfortunately, some of those decisions could cause damages or others to suffer harm, and as a result, a legal predicament could arise. If a person is accused of involvement in a car accident and police suspect him or her of DUI, it is likely that criminal charges will result.

One woman in Florida is currently facing such a predicament. Reports indicate that authorities were called to the parking lot of a grocery store after a woman noticed that her vehicle had been hit by another car. Another woman came out of the store and allegedly told police that she had hit the woman's car with her vehicle. Police reportedly noticed that the second woman was having balance issues, and after ensuring that she was not experiencing a medical issue, they administered sobriety tests.

How do I get my license back after my first DUI?

Enjoying alcohol at a social event can result in failing a breathalyzer afterwards. You might find yourself misjudging your ability to drive clear-headed. It is often surprising to find out your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal amount (0.08 percent).

Not only do DUI charges evoke feelings of shame, disappointment and regret, but they also come with legal costs. DUI convictions may result in court fines, jail time, required community service hours and more. These interruptions to your life can make it hard to get to work and put in the hours you normally would while trying to recover legally and financially.

Florida woman facing DUI manslaughter charge after two crashes

Facing a situation directly is how many people choose to address predicaments. When the issue at hand relates to criminal charges for DUI that resulted in a fatality, finding the most viable and prudent manner in which to handle the case may be wise. Of course, for individuals who do not have much knowledge on their options, this step may seem impossible. Fortunately, there are avenues for gaining help.

One woman in Florida will likely want to determine her available legal options after recently being charged in a fatal event. Reports stated that the woman had been driving a vehicle around 7 p.m. when her SUV left the road and went along a sidewalk. A 39-year-old man was walking on the sidewalk at the time and was reportedly hit by the SUV. The woman allegedly drove away from the scene and was involved in another crash a short distance away.

Man facing murder charge after shooting death in Florida

Serious criminal allegations are no laughing matter. When accused of a crime such as murder, time and information may be of the essence. Many individuals may never have dreamed that they could end up facing such a serious charge, but now they must deal with the situation as effectively as possible. Though it may seem daunting, parties do have options for combating allegations.

One man in Florida may feel confused and anxious after recently being charged in a murder case. Reports stated that police had responded to a home at which a woman had been shot in the head. The man -- who was reportedly in a relationship with the woman -- allegedly told police that someone had broken into the home and shot the woman. However, police believe that the man committed the crime and only made it appear as if a break-in had occurred.

Woman facing drug trafficking charges after Florida investigation

The toll that criminal charges can take on a person's life can depend on the exact charges and the outcomes of legal proceedings. For individuals accused of drug trafficking, the potential consequences could prove more severe than other types of drug-related activities. Of course, parties facing such accusations do have legal options for creating defense presentations.

One woman in Florida may soon explore her potential legal avenues after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that police had been conducting an undercover investigation, and the woman apparently became part of the investigation, though it was unclear how. Police reportedly discovered that the woman had sold over $400 dollars worth of fentanyl. The report also mentioned that she had allegedly mixed heroin with the opioid.

Florida teen may need criminal defense after alleged attack

When children react to situations, they may not always use their best judgment. Unfortunately, the actions they take, especially those made out of anger, could land them in considerable trouble. In some cases, minors could even need a criminal defense if criminal charges are brought against them.

The parents of one young girl in Florida may be looking into defense options after a recent incident that allegedly took place. According to reports, the 14-year-old girl had become angry after she believed that a person was spreading rumors about her on social media. As a result, she purportedly met with the girl she believed to be behind the comments and began to attack the other girl. Several bystanders recorded the incident on their cell phones.

Man charged with DUI after ordering burrito at a bank in Florida

Landing in a confusing situation can cause many people to feel uncomfortable. When a certain level of disorientation contributes to the confusion, a person may not know the best way to handle the predicament. Unfortunately for some, this type of scenario could result in their facing charges for DUI if authorities believe drugs or alcohol have played a role in a misunderstanding.

This type of situation recently took place in Florida. Reports indicated that a man had allegedly pulled into a drive-thru at a bank and fallen asleep or otherwise became unconscious behind the wheel of his car. The bank manager reportedly attempted to wake the man by knocking on the car window, and it purportedly took several attempts before he woke. Upon awakening, the man allegedly tried to order a burrito.

Florida man facing drug trafficking charges after search

Situations in which a person is facing criminal charges are rarely black and white. Many minute details and factors can easily complicate a case, and the individual charged may have many aspects to consider when moving forward with a criminal defense. When facing drug trafficking charges, a person in this type of predicament may wish to ensure that he or she understands the circumstances surrounding the arrest and charges as best as possible.

One man in Florida was recently taken into custody on multiple drug-related charges, and he will undoubtedly want to work toward the outcomes he desires. According to reports, law enforcement officers had utilized undercover detectives in order to make controlled drug buys from the man, who was allegedly dealing cocaine. This transactions took place over a two-week period and led to a search of the man's apartment.

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