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12 indicted on drug trafficking charges in Florida

Investigations into drug-related activity can often result in numerous arrests. As a result, cases can become complicated and can take a substantial amount of time to move through the criminal justice system. Of course, each person accused of drug trafficking has the ability to handle his or her defense as each sees fit.

It was recently reported that a two-year investigation into an alleged drug trafficking operation led to the arrests of 12 people in Florida. Those individuals were indicted on federal charges for drug trafficking, and some parties could face consequences of up to life in prison if they are convicted of the charges brought against them. Of those 12 individuals, the youngest was reported as being 23 years old, and the oldest was 52 years old.

Can Your Diet Affect Breathalyzer Results?

Many people are trying out the keto diet, as it can make one rapidly shed pounds. However, this type of diet may have unwanted side effects, especially when an officer stops someone on suspicion of DUI. What are the side effects?

Florida officials take drinking and driving seriously. In 2017, alcohol consumption was a key factor in over 5,000 crashes, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If the police pull you over on suspicion of a DUI and test your blood alcohol content, can your diet give the reading a false positive?

Man hits police car with lawnmower, faces drunk driving charge

Criminal charges can result from a variety of situations, including those that seem a bit ridiculous. Of course, ridiculous-seeming or not, if an event warrants criminal allegations, it becomes one that should be taken seriously. For instance, if a person is charged for drunk driving on a lawnmower, he or she may find it useful to prepare for the pending legal proceedings.

As unlikely as that scenario may seem, it recently occurred in Florida. According to reports, a 68-year-old man was driving a riding lawnmower with a trailer attached when he collided with a parked police vehicle. The police officer was inside an establishment when he heard the collision and went outside to investigate. He then saw the man and the lawnmower.

Assault, battery charges stem from altercation with officer

The repercussions of criminal charges can vary depending on the circumstances. Some people may not see much impact beyond the allegations themselves, and others could end up losing their jobs because accusations have come against them. Cases of assault can have the latter outcome, especially for individuals who hold certain occupations.

It was recently reported that three individuals were taken into custody in Florida after an altercation with a police officer. The accused individuals had connections with law enforcement themselves as one man was a retired police officer, the woman was an off-duty officer and a second man was also an off-duty police officer, all from out of state. The situation reportedly began when a witness called authorities about a man pushing a woman outside of a restaurant.

The complicated debate over life sentences for juveniles

Florida has spent the better part of a decade discussing whether juveniles should receive automatic life sentences for violent crimes like murder. Real change occurred in 2014 when lawmakers changed state law to allow a sentence review for people sentenced to life imprisonment as juveniles. This differs from parole, in which an inmate’s release from prison is conditional under supervision before the end of their sentence. After the inmate’s sentencing hearing, a court would decide whether rehabilitation had occurred or if they would serve the rest of their sentence in prison.

For example, Pensacola woman received a life sentence in 2010 for her role in a brutal murder. She was then 16 years old and plead no contest to the charges. When the Supreme Court ruled automatic life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional in 2014, the courts granted her another sentencing hearing to review her sentence. Unfortunately for her, the court affirmed her life sentence in 2017 and again on April 2.

Florida man faces charges for drug-related offenses

A man who found himself at the site of a drug bust has been arrested, according to local sources. The 42-year-old is facing charges for drug-related offenses after Florida authorities say he was found on the scene with drugs on his person. As the man was not involved in the circumstances of the existing drug bust, his case will be handled separately by the court. 

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, the local narcotics unit was in the process of executing a search warrant in Milton, Florida, on the night of April 23. They were there to arrest the resident of the home, a 36-year-old woman who was believed to be trafficking drugs in the area. During the course of their search of the residence, the man allegedly approached deputies on the scene, asking to see the resident of the home. 

Expunging versus sealing your criminal record

The existence of your criminal record can cause you to experience significant setbacks. After an arrest or after facing charges, your criminal record can make life in Florida difficult.

However, depending on the offense, Jacksonville residents may have options to move on from their criminal record through expunging or sealing the offense. However, despite both processes being commonly grouped together, they differ from one another in key areas. Which is right for you and how can you determine your eligibility?

2 Florida teens facing juvenile charges for "hit list"

It is not unusual for young people to make poor decisions. When those decisions involve making threats of harm against others, they could quickly find themselves facing serious criminal accusations, even as minors. Juvenile charges can have significant repercussions for young people, and meaningful defenses are typically needed.

The parents of two girls in Florida are undoubtedly trying to find the best options for handling their cases after the teens were taken into custody. Reports stated that the girls, both 14 years old, came under the suspicion of a teacher after they became frantic in a classroom after losing a folder. The teacher located the folder and, after looking inside, saw notes about guns, which prompted the teacher to alert the school's resource officer.

DUI charges brought against man driving golf cart

It may surprise some individuals to learn that even if they are not driving a car, pickup truck, SUV or similar vehicle, they can still face charges for drunk driving. Authorities may become alerted to someone driving another type of motor vehicle that is causing concern to other individuals. If so, charges for DUI could result.

It was recently reported that one man in Florida was charged with DUI while driving a golf cart. The man was driving on a roadway in a neighborhood when a person contacted authorities after allegedly seeing the man apparently falling asleep while waiting at a red light. Officers reportedly approached the man and tried to question him. He allegedly could not answer simple questions and became defensive toward the officers.

Money laundering charges stem from allegedly fraudulent car sales

There are many ways in which individuals could choose to defend against criminal charges. Of course, the exact routes they may follow depend heavily on the type of allegations with which they have been charged. For instance, a person facing serious federal charges for money laundering may need a more substantial defense than someone facing a minor infraction.

It was recently reported that one man in Florida is facing money laundering and other allegations after allegedly duping multiple people. Apparently, the man had worked as a salesman for a Porsche dealership and created a shell corporation using the same name as the legitimate dealership. He then purportedly made sales orders for over 30 customers for future Porsche models. However, those models did not and apparently would not exist.

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