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Police charge man with possession of controlled substance

In the heat of the moment, people commonly make choices that they later realize were probably not the best. For some, those poor decisions may not lead to much negative outcome, but for others, it could result in criminal charges for possession of controlled substance or other allegations. As a result, those individuals may need legal help.

One man in Florida was recently taken into custody after attempting to evade police. Reports stated that officers attempted to stop the vehicle that the man was driving, due to speeding. However, when the man stopped the vehicle, he got out and began to run from police. Apparently, in further attempts to evade, the man tried swimming away in a canal. The man was impeded by algae, and, after swallowing some, he called to the officers for help.

Florida couple accused of drug-related offenses

The problems people face in life vary from one person to another. In some cases, individuals can be accused of drug-related offenses and such predicaments can present the need to evaluate many aspects of their lives. First, they may want to understand the charges they face and how they can address them when the time comes.

Two individuals in Florida were recently taking into custody on drug-related charges. Police conducted a raid of the couple's mobile home after an investigation into four overdoses caused authorities to suspect the individuals. As a result, an undercover officer went to the home and allegedly made a drug purchase from one of the suspects. Two weeks later, authorities conducted a search and reportedly uncovered illegal substances as well as drug paraphernalia.

Everything you need to know about record expungement in Florida

If you are charged with a crime in Florida, there are ramifications that may follow you throughout your life. On certain occasions, there is the possibility of cleaning your record, making it easier to find a job and receive background checks. This post will look at what record expungement is and if you are eligible for it.

Woman facing Florida charges for DUI, child neglect

Because each criminal case has unique aspects, it is important for anyone charged with a crime to thoroughly review certain legal information. In particular, a person facing charges for DUI and other allegations may find it helpful to become more knowledgeable on the specific charges, legal proceedings ahead and criminal defense options. Deciding what tactics may be more useful when creating a defense could make a considerable difference in outcomes.

One woman in Florida will undoubtedly find herself reviewing her options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the woman was allegedly intoxicated when she passed out while behind the wheel of a parked vehicle. A 5-year-old child was also in the vehicle, and the child's father had used FaceTime to contact her. He was purportedly able to see where the vehicle was parked, went to the location and called authorities.

Creating a criminal defense will likely help Florida man

Some actions can sometimes make a situation worse, but that does not mean that those actions cannot be explained and possibly rectified later. For instance, some people may think that fleeing from police will work in their best interests, but this idea often stems from fear or anxiety. Still, it can lead to additional charges for a person who may already be in need of a criminal defense.

One man in Florida will certainly want to make sure that he understands his legal options for addressing the predicament he currently faces after recently being charged. Reports indicated that authorities were called to a location after the man allegedly attempted to use a fraudulent check. Police purportedly approached the man while he was inside a vehicle, but the man drove away instead of getting out. This action allegedly resulted in the vehicle hitting one of the officers.

Juvenile crimes: Robbery charges leveled against 2 Florida teens

Young people do not always clearly think through the potential consequences of their actions. Sometimes, they carry out actions that are against the law and put their future in jeopardy as they end up facing charges for juvenile crimes. Still, even at a young age, accused parties have the right to defend against any allegations made against them.

Reports stated that two teenagers in Florida were taken into custody in connection with an alleged robbery. Apparently, a 44-year-old man was stopped by two young men who purportedly stole his wallet and left the scene in a vehicle. The man claimed that the individuals had a rifle. A witness reportedly got the license plate number of the vehicle.

Man accused of drug trafficking in Florida after traffic stop

Being stopped by a police officer can make anyone feel nervous. Most people hope that the stop is for something minor, but it is not uncommon for police to end up taking drivers into custody for some reason or another. If a controlled substance is found in a person's vehicle, that individual could end up facing drug trafficking charges or other serious allegations.

This type of situation recently affected a man in Florida. Apparently, police stopped the man's vehicle for speeding, and for some reason, they had a K-9 unit conduct a "free-air sniff" around the vehicle. This action reportedly resulted in the dog indicating that there were drugs present near the driver's side door of the vehicle. 

When are you charged for an aggravated DUI in Florida?

DUI charges can be devastating for anyone even if it is just for the first offense. The mark on the criminal record and fines can make it difficult for the driver to recover from and any colleges or jobs they were thinking of applying to just got significantly harder.

However, if you receive charges of aggravated DUI, that recovery process becomes even more challenging. There are many ways this can occur, so it is imperative that you are aware of how this can happen and the consequences of the conviction.

Fatal accident involving road workers leads to DUI charges

The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol vary from case to case. Of course, individuals may want to remember that if criminal charges for DUI are brought against them, they must be convicted of the allegations before punishments can be enacted. Because avoiding serious sentencing is often the goal of many parties in this type of predicament, it may be wise to consider legal defense options.

It was recently reported that one man in Florida was charged in a recent accident. Apparently, the man was driving a pickup truck around 4 p.m. and reportedly lost control. His truck then went onto the shoulder of the road and struck two workers who were installing traffic signs. The truck continued traveling until it hit a parked vehicle and a light pole.

Florida woman faces charge for assault with a deadly weapon

When individuals are in an emotional state, they may not make the best decisions. In some cases, the choices they make can lead to dire consequences, including criminal charges. Situations that involve assault can be immensely serious, and when thinking more clearly, parties in this type of situation may greatly regret their actions.

It was recently reported that a woman in Florida is currently facing charges after an alleged incident involving her ride share driver. Apparently, the woman had called a driver to pick her up at a storage unit. After the driver arrived, the woman purportedly began putting items into the vehicle. The driver asked the woman to stop loading the vehicle, but she allegedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the driver.

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