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DUI, other charges brought against Florida woman after accidents

One woman in Florida is currently facing multiple criminal allegations after a purported event that recently took place. Apparently, the woman is suspected of DUI after reportedly hitting multiple vehicles while traveling on Interstate 4. Her vehicle came to a stop under an overpass after apparently breaking down for undisclosed reasons.

After stopping, the woman allegedly began acting in an erratic manner. She also purportedly had a 2-year-old child with her, who she reportedly got out of the vehicle and let roam near moving traffic. Authorities had been informed of the woman's reckless driving behaviors and eventually located the woman. She allegedly began resisting officers when they attempted to take her into custody. She chose to remain silent after the arrest.

What Is Criminal Record Sealing?

If you have a crime on your record, you know how this can have a negative effect on your life. If you have the opportunity to turn your life around by removing that bad mark on your record would you do it? Of course, you would.

Sealing your record means that access to your records is extremely restricted. Expungement of your record means that it is deleted from your file and erased permanently. Here are the different categories of reasons that you can apply to seal or expunge your criminal record through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDE).

Man may look for criminal defense help after alleged assault

When charged with a crime, finding the best method of handling those allegations can seem daunting. Many individuals may fear that they will not make the right choices or that a lack of information will prevent them from knowing their options. However, when creating a criminal defense, individuals could take steps to learn more about their situations and available legal avenues.

One man in Florida will undoubtedly want to ensure that he has the right information for his situation after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was at a fast food restaurant when he allegedly pointed a pistol at a woman. The woman claims that she was in the parking lost of the establishment when the man pointed the weapon at her and told her to get away from his car.

FAQ: What happens if your child is suspected of DUI

No parent wants to imagine his or her child behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking.

Yet, many teens do drive under the influence, whether their parents know it or not. Maybe your child has yet to be caught and you need to know what happens to them if they are suspected of a DUI. Maybe your child is currently facing DUI charges.

Teen girls facing theft charges after allegedly stealing packages

Peer pressure, dares and lack of judgment can often result in kids and teenagers making questionable decisions. Though many of these decisions may not have lasting consequences, some actions could potentially result in law enforcement becoming involved. Two teenage girls in Florida have recently found themselves in such a predicament that resulted in their facing theft charges.

The two girls were deemed porch pirates, a term coined during the holiday season when individuals would steal packages outside homes. Apparently, the two girls were riding in a golf cart when a surveillance camera reportedly caught them stopping in front of homes and taking packages. Authorities were alerted to the thefts, and they were able to recover an electronic device, a T-shirt and hand cream from three packages allegedly stolen.

Florida man, woman facing drug trafficking, other charges

Having to go to criminal court for any type of allegation can be difficult. Those who have been accused of drug trafficking or other related charges may find themselves particularly interested in finding the best approaches to their cases. Drug-related offenses could come with hefty penalties if convictions take place, and having a meaningful criminal defense could prove useful.

Two individuals in Florida will certainly want to ensure that they understand their defense options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man and woman were arrested after a search warrant was carried out at their place of residence. Investigators reportedly believed that marijuana sales were taking place at the home, which purportedly resulted in their obtaining a search warrant.

Florida woman charged with DUI manslaughter after fatal crash

When a person needs to address a serious legal predicament, finding the best way to do so can seem challenging. If the individual has had no prior encounters with law enforcement or has had no other charges brought against him or her, the situation can seem even more daunting. Luckily, parties who have been charged with DUI and other crimes have the ability to gain information relating to their cases.

One woman in Florida will certainly be looking into her options after recently being charged. Reports stated that the allegations stem from a fatal car accident that took place in June. Apparently, the woman had been behind the wheel of an SUV when she veered into the opposite lanes of travel and crashed into another vehicle.

Drug trafficking charges brought against Florida man

Allegations of drug crimes can begin a whirlwind process of confusing litigation and other legal steps. Individuals who are in this type of predicament may feel that they have few options when it comes to defending against drug trafficking charges or other related allegations. However, many people have several different steps they could take to address criminal charges, and taking the time to gain the right information could help interested parties understand their potential courses of action.

One man in Florida may be hoping to find the best direction to take his defense after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the fatal overdose of a woman resulted in police opening an investigation, which apparently led to the man becoming a suspect of drug activity. An undersheriff asserted that authorities had probable cause to search the man's home.

Florida woman files lawsuit after excessive force used in arrest

Having an encounter with police officers can be a nerve-wracking experience even under the best of circumstances. However, when officers use excessive force or commit other concerning acts, individuals may have even more reason to feel afraid. Unfortunately, though most individuals would like to trust the police, some officers can make it difficult to do so.

One woman in Florida is currently pursuing a lawsuit after an incident with police that left her with injuries. Reports stated that the woman works as a dancer at a gentleman's club, and after allegedly becoming intoxicated at work, she was asked to leave. However, the woman's belongings were still inside the establishment, and because of this, she did not want to leave until they were returned to her.

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